Whitespotted Conger (Eel)

Excellent for cooking and broiling
A strikingly deep taste

The Whitespotted Conger, locally called "noresore", appears in the waters of the Pacific Ocean, just outside the coast, during the spring. Kobuchihama, in Ishinomaki in Miyagi prefecture, boasts the leading catching rate of this type of Eel. Using a device called "Eel body" (a cylinder with a bait inside, which is tied to the ocean floor by a rope) they catch the Whitespotted conger between June and December. The Conger is especially tasty during July and September as it has a large fat reserve and a big frame.

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Information provided by Foodkingdom Miyagi http://foodkingdom-miyagi.jp

LocationMiyagi prefecture, Ishinomaki Bay

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