Screening, talking about the past and sketches

On July 18th university lecturer Professor Ito, his assistants and students travelled to Ofuna City to establish the project “landscape and the mind, a project for creating scenery”. Members from the Ofunato Chamber of Commerce, local industry and residents attended a meeting where they could submit video footage to be used in the project. Some of these videos dated back to the 40s and 50s with titles such as “Celebrating the grandchildren” or “wedding ceremony”.

The following day more footage was screened, this time the stories concentrated around the 70s and 80s and viewers excitedly tried to identify familiar places and features. After the viewing Professor Ito and the project's representatives hosted a dinner of sashimi and cooked fish. Ofunato City Museum exhibited photos that were taken immediately after the earthquake, as well as sketches of the Ofunato landscape drawn by Tokyo Daigaku students.

ActivityScreening, talking about the past and sketches
Opening dateJuly 18
Closing dateJuly 19
Coordinates39.081901, 141.70853

Announcement of works in relation to Ofunato. Meeting to talk about the past in nursing homes and interviewing the participants. Ofunato city sketch.

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