Reviving Ofunato

A breakfast meeting and event was held at Ofunato Rias Hall, where local residents attended a panel discussion about the theme “Landscaping the scenery of their hometown” and to view exciting footage of the area, for the children there was a painting workshop.

Another event was later held at a local center for the elderly to talk about the ideas of renovation, and there was a local movie competition where residents submitted and showed their films, as well as enjoyed performances from university students.

ActivityEvent "Reviving Ofunato"
Opening dateMarch 28
Closing dateMarch 28
LocationOfunato Rias Hall
Coordinates39.077875, 141.710271

The event was held in Ofunato Rias Hall where local townspeople were invited to a breakfast meeting. During the event a keynote speech and panel discussion concerning the theme "Landscaping the scenery of the hometown" was held, as well as painting workshop for local children. In addition, edited video footage that thus far has been collected was screened. Another event entitled "Talk about the old days" was held at the local center for the elderly, taking on the form of interview style. In addition, there was a screening of films provided by the locals and a movie contest. There was also live performances by university students.

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