“Landscape and the mind, a project for creating scenery”.
This is a project which aims to retain the fragmented memories of the homes and scenery that was lost in the Tohoku region before the disaster; these will be reproduced through video and art representation. The foundation of our culture is the landscape that remains forever in our hearts, but we intend to preserve the long nurturing history of the area as well as the harmony between man and nature.
In order for us to revive that memory and for us all to move forward and re-build we would like to offer tips and contributions.

Tokyo Geijutsu Daigaku Public Collaboration Center – Professor Junji Ito


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A violent Fish dashing through the sea Having a similar texture as Fatty Tuna it should be eaten with great relish The name “Swordfish” came from the swordlike appearance of its prolonged upper jaw. The larger specimens can weigh more than 300 kg, and because of their ferociousness, the bill is cut off straight after […]

Skipjack Tuna

A Fish with a classical taste of the season Exquisite first-class fattiness Skipjack Tuna has two cultivating periods during the year. The first season, known as “First Skipjack Tuna” takes place around June and August when the first wave of Tuna arrive riding the Kuroshiro current. The first haul appears at the fish markets in […]

Bigeye Tuna

Sent directly from Sanriku coast “East Product” Highest grade of carefully selected Bigeye Tuna The wild Bigeye Tuna of Shiogama port are fished in the waters of the Sanriku’s eastern coast, from early Autumn to Winter. The haul is put through rigorous examination. The Tuna’s freshness, color and luster, fattiness and taste has to be […]

Silver Salmon

The active Fish cultivation industry and aquaculture in Shizuka bay, Miyagi prefecture, is due to its water temperature being suitable for cultivating Silver Salmon. After being bred in pure freshwater from the mountain area, they are moved to sea cages. High quality achieved thanks to development of cultivation techniques Shizugawa bay in Miyagi prefecture is […]

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