“Landscape and the mind, a project for creating scenery”.
This is a project which aims to retain the fragmented memories of the homes and scenery that was lost in the Tohoku region before the disaster; these will be reproduced through video and art representation. The foundation of our culture is the landscape that remains forever in our hearts, but we intend to preserve the long nurturing history of the area as well as the harmony between man and nature.
In order for us to revive that memory and for us all to move forward and re-build we would like to offer tips and contributions.

Tokyo Geijutsu Daigaku Public Collaboration Center – Professor Junji Ito


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サイトミッション地元と世界向け 東北の誤解を解く 本当の東北を見せるため 豊かな自然、文化 Scenenary 収集場所固有の色 場所固有の音の周波数 アイデア募集 さんま&チップス 場所の百科事典 チャリティー ジャストギビング ベンチャーアイデアアワード

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