Pacific Cod

A Fish tossed about in the cold Sea
Meat and Roe with a rich taste

During the Summer the Pacific Cod resides roughly 80m deep in the Sea, but during Winter they move to shallower waters. The fishing season in Miyagi prefecture begins in November and finishes the following January. Measuring to a length of 1m, and sometimes weighing more than 10kg; the white Meat, the soft Roe of males (testies) and the Ovaries of females (eggs, known as "Mako") are very delicious. The soft Roe of males, called "Chrysanthemum", is valued even higher than the actual fish Meat. Moreover, the males are sold at a higher price in fish markets than their female counterparts. The Meat and Roe are both suited for simmering or cooking.

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LocationMiyagi prefecture, Kesennuma・Onnagawa・Other

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