“New Tohoku”


2014 - The first "New Tohoku" Public-private Cooperation Promotion Meeting and Mixer (Morioka)

The "New Tohoku" Public-private Cooperation Promotion Meeting in Morioka is an introduction for business members, which we also participated in for the purpose of finding new associates, and running an exhibition booth.
In order to spread information about the daily activities of the project, we presented the results of the collections done by the consortium and exhibited their derivative works. Using three separate monitors we were able to showcase a film of the scenery of Iwate's coastal areas and video work utilizing that footage, as well as a narration of the coastal areas according to Professor Emeritus from Waseda University Faculty of Science and Technology. Participants who showed interest in the footage seemed to prefer an archive model where the footage is divided by type. There are also representatives of local government and organisations who may want to utilize the material in the future, so all-in-all it was a meaningful exchange.
Besides from the presentation, Professor Junji Ito was able to further explain the project concept. We primarily have an interest in people in the field of urban development and industrial support, and we were able to continue talks of a possible future collaboration.
This was a meaningful exhibition since participants were able to effectively exchange information amongst cooperation alliances.

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