My outlook on scenery – Toshiyuki Inoko (in Japanese)

The unseen landscape

The unseen landscape

We are wandering through a world where we don't know why we are here, where we are and as we continue wandering into eternity we don't even know in what direction we should be going.
We don't know of the lands we might one day be and there is many things we don't understand but there is some comfort in wandering and the landscape you see becomes the part of the world you want.

Toshiyuki Inoko

Ultra Technologist and Team Lab representative.
Born in 1977 and from Tokushima he graduated from Tokyo University faculty of Engineering in 2001 while also working as an employee at Team lab Inc. He specialised in Probability and Statistical modelling and his graduate studies focused on Natural language processing and Arts. Team Lab Inc. representative.

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