My outlook on scenery – Shinkyo Nakamura (in Japanese)



In my home town, Kyushu, there is an island called Shikano where the Golden Seal was excavated; however, for me it is the peninsula that surrounds the Hakata bay, where the land seems to look outward, that stands out. For me I can trace the inspiration for many of my works back to this scenery: the water, Sea and greenery. This familiarity is prevalent in the themes of my work and it's due to this scenery of my hometown which is my framework.

Shinkyo Nakamura

Doll maker
1975 Born in Fukuoka as the eldest son of the late second-generation puppeteer Engai Nakamura
1979 Graduated from Fine Art specializing in Sculpture at Kyushu Sangoyo University
1999 Japanese Craft Exhibition - Winner of the Takamatsunomiya Memorial Award
2010 The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo - Winner of the Takamatsunomiya Memorial Award
2011 Rome La Luce Exhibition - Winner of the Traditional Culture Paula Prize Award of Excellence
2014 MOA Mokichi Grand Prize exhibition participant

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