My outlook on scenery – Senju Akira (in Japanese)

Landscape and Time

Landscape and Time

Musicians craft time. As a musician, among the various things that come to mind, there are specific images that aid in creation. From long ago come landscapes that have been burned into my memory: old streets, towns that I played in, islands I camped on.

Landscapes change with time, but the people who made the landscape what it was, remember and speak of it. When a lost landscape is restored, those that perform the restoration move as part of a larger heart, and participate in another “conversation.”

Senju Akira


Born 1960, in Tokyo. Graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts master’s program, with a degree in Music Composition. While still a student, he began his career as a composer, orchestrator, and music producer. His varied body of work ranges from pop to pure music, and spans the globe.

He has produced numerous solo and main albums, including a piano concerto in the masterpiece “Shukumei” (theme song in the TV drama “Suna no Utsuwa”), “Four Seasons,” “Japan Symphonic Poem,” and the operas: “Man'yōshū” and “Taki no Shiraito”.
He has been awarded the 20th, 22nd, and 27th Japan Academy Prizes for Music.
(current as of June 2015)

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