My outlook on scenery – Noritaka Tatehana (in Japanese)

First scenery of Contrast


First scenery of Contrast

When hearing the words "First scenery" the first thing that springs to mind is the town where I was born and raised, Kamakura, a beachside town scattered with Temples and Shrines. Another strong memory is the house in Tokyo where my parents came from and where I would go to visit my grandmother in Shinjuku. These two places are quite a contrast but the combination forms the first scenery that I came across. Nowadays I often find myself working abroad, but the place that I feel the most drawn to is the rural Japan rather than the big cities and I try to visit different regions of Japan that contribute to the collection of a sense of peace.

Noritaka Tatehana


Born in Tokyo in 1985 then raised in Kamakura where his family managed a public bath house “Kabuki-yu” in Kabukicho, Tokyo.
Influenced greatly at young age by his mother who was a Doll Artist.
Educated by the Waldorf Education System
A self taught artist who started making clothes and shoes at the age of 15
Studied painting and sculpture at Tokyo National University and Majored in dyeing
His research also includes the techniques of silk printing according to the Yuzen process to create works on Kimonos and Geta (Japanese Clogs)
Established a fashion brand which creates avant-garde hand crafted shoes “Noritaka Tatehana” and has attracted the attention of the world famous artist Lady Gaga and fashion icon Daphne Guinness.

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