My outlook on scenery – Naoki Sakai (in Japanese)

Design makes the scenery

Design makes the scenery

When I use the word “Scenery” it takes me back to my time in Tokyo back in 1983- 1985 when at that time i was involved in the development of the car company Nissan, Be-1 model. during this time most models where square and I had an urge to change the scenery of the car market and after the introduction of the Be-1 a trend begun for cars with a more rounded shaped and it was fascinating that through design that we could change the landscapes that surround us.

On the other hand scenery can also be an original state of being such as the japan i remember from my youth, incomplete and vague the memory of the scenery remains in my mind. However, the scenery how I remember it and how it actually existed is probably inconsistent, both the scenery that i see in my mind and the imagines scenery hold a meaning.

It might be possible to reconstruct Tohoku with influences and memories from the past as well as modern ideas and future hopes I would love to that would be a resulting scenery of mixing these two influences.

Naoki Sakai

Concept Designer/ Water Design representative Director/ Visiting Professor at Seiki University
Naoki Sakai established The Tattoo Company located in San Francisco which specializes in the sale of tattoo printed designs on t-shirts. When he returned to Japan he has success in Textile design and became involved in the development of the Nissin, Be-1 and a generation of future retro styling.

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