My outlook on scenery – Kazuhira Onishi (in Japanese)

Feeling alive, feeling numb

Feeling alive, feeling numb

Though it is important to cherish the landscape as it was, the inherent landscape changes as time passes.

Nature draws new landscapes on a large canvas and, in that, there is an artistic value.

Kazuhira Onishi

Distinguished Professor, Tokyo City University Research Institute

Born April 4th 1943 in Matsue (Shimane Prefecture). In 1969, after completing a graduate degree at Keio University, he spent nearly 50 years in the media industry working in such fields as computers, internet, publishing, games, and music before beginning his research at Tokyo City University. He is currently engaged in research on the variable modes of expression that are made possible when content and media are combined.

When he was 25, he decided to devote himself to the way of the craftsman rather than to devote himself to mastering one path. For, having seen and experienced it with his own eyes, a craftsman is able to respond to it better.

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