My outlook on scenery – Atsuhi Ogaki (in Japanese)

Thoughts to the horizon

Thoughts to the horizon

My strongest memory is from when I was first assigned to NHK in Kushiro (Hokkaido prefecture) with the surrounding scenery of Betsukai. Wherever you looked there were long stretches of road and vast fields of grass and you could see the horizon, for me this was an influential and valuable scene in terms of landscape.

it was this experience that made me realize the insignificance of human existence by being completely enveloped by the landscape, this was precious experience. The vastness of that landscape framed by the horizon and the sea gives you a humbling experience in relation to the land, society and the world.

Atsuhi Ogaki

NHK national Broadcasting Deputy Director of the Planning Department
Born in 1963 and Graduate of Hitotsubashi University he entered NHK through the special Historical programming on ETV. In 1995 he oversaw the production of their series “New Electric nation” and in 2014 he produced a documentary about the 2005 Fukuchiyama derailment incident.

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