Making of the Tohoku Coast Scenery Portal PR video

This is Nitta, staff of Tohoku Coast Scenery Portal, currently writing. I created a PR video to be screened at the launching event of this website, as well as the advertisement. I devised a plan where the filmmaker Takashi Hokoi shot the necessary footage and I later edited it together into the final product. The music was provided with courtesy from the English DJ DUO KOAN SOUND.

The initial idea was to use a drone for achieving smooth camera work. Recently this method has risen in popularity in overseas productions, and is even used on indoor sets. However, as there are many conditions to clear before gaining access to shoot on location with a drone, so this time I chose to use a handheld video camera instead. And so, Mr Hokoi took on the trouble of shooting some necessary footage for the video.


The post-production was done using Adobe After Effects. The provided footage was recorded while walking around with the camera. Firstly I used a camera stabilizer to remove the shaking of the camera, and a mask was added to provide the proper depth of field between the background and people in the shot. To make the images taken from excavated footage appear in 3D-space, I used the camera analysis function for 3D to create the necessary 3D space within the shot.


Yoshio Ogasawara
ogasawaraAn author who lives in Showanaka (located in Shiromaru, Taihaku in Sendai) who solemnly continues to make kokeshi dolls. When looking at him you can really see this part of his personality. Unfortunately I have not been able to meet with him, but one of the first videos sent to me was from Mr. Ogasawara. With this level of spirit and feeling, I believe it is possible to make a new landscape.

Nina Kumagai
kumagayaShe was able to participate during the second day of the "Reconstruction of scenery and mind" event. In the video she is 30 years old, while in reality she is a mother with junior high school children.

kumagaya2The daughter of Mrs. Kumagai and a member of the Kokeshi Sisters. She has the aura of a grown up, but I have the feeling that she is just a child on the inside.

These three photographs were taken by Mr. Hokoi.

I was able to complete this work due to all the warm atmosphere and feelings. Thank you very much.

(Article by Minoru Nitta)

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