Fukushima Cherry Blossoms

The cherry blossoms of Umanohaka

This Cherry Blossom tree is 15 meters tall and thought to be roughly 300 years old, it can be found in the town of Tabata. CollectorFukushima prefecture, Aizumisato, Umanohaka Timestamp2014/4/25 Coordinates37.440404, 139.836416

Cherry blossoms at Tsuruga castle

This castle was famous for the fierce battle which lasted a month during the Boshin Wars, and is the symbol of Aizuwakanastu City. This castle boasts a proud collection of 1,000 Cherry blossom trees that are in full bloom during spring. CollectorFukushima prefecture, Aizuwakamatsu, Tsuruga castle Timestamp2014/4/23 Coordinates37.488110, 139.929650

Weeping cherry blossom of Kassemba

Kassemba is home to a magnificent weeping cherry blossom tree which stands proudly in a brightly, contrasting field of yellow rape flowers; there is said to be a seedling of this cherry tree in Takizakura. CollectorFukushima prefecture, Nihonmatsu, Iwashiro ward Timestamp2014/4/23 Coordinates37.537904, 140.579549

Cherry blossoms at Urbandai

These are the wild and uncultivated cherry blossoms of Urabandai. Due to their altitude they bloom later than usual and are delayed by approximately one month. CollectorFukushima prefecture, Kitashiobara Timestamp2014/5/14 Coordinates37.659932, 140.051289

Cherry blossom island

In Lake Hibara in Hibarako, there is a small island overlooking Urabandai known as ‘Cherry Blossom Island’ that is surrounded by the gorgeous view of the Bandai Mountain. CollectorFukushima prefecture, Kitashiobara Timestamp2014/5/10 Coordinates37.659932, 140.051289

Cherry blossoms at Inawashiro

The high altitude town of Inawashiro, reaching 500m, causes the cherry blossoms to have bloom late around Golden Week. CollectorFukushima prefecture, Inawashiro, Bandai Timestamp2014/5/5 Coordinates37.557768, 140.10476

Thousand cherry blossoms of Natsui

The cherry blossoms around the Natsui River is a man-made landscape, the trees were planted by volunteers and line either side of the river’s edge for 5kms. CollectorFukushima prefecture, Ono Timestamp2014/4/26 Coordinates37.253532, 140.659170

Weeping cherry blossoms of Nichusen

A railway track between the stations Kitakata and Atsushio was transformed into a bike and walking path; now it is decorated beautifully with 1000 cherry blossom trees that line the roadsides. CollectorFukushima prefecture, Kitakatashi Timestamp2014/4/26 Coordinates37.657241, 139.867237

Cherry blossom reflection

In Kitakata, a large wild cherry tree grows next to a pond. When the water is still you can see the reflection of the cherry blossoms in it, just like a mirror; it is known in Japanese as Kagamiou. The season of this wild cherry blossom is short but spectacular nonetheless. CollectorFukushima prefecture, Kitakata, Yamatomachi […]

Chitozezakura of Yonezawa

This 600 year old cherry blossom tree’s trunk’s circumference is 11 meters and the tree is 14 meters tall; this magnificent tree is surrounded by the spectacular view of Aitzubanchi. CollectorFukushima prefecture, Aizumisato Timestamp2014/4/25 Coordinates37.494441, 139.816494

Cherry blossoms at Rokujizo

In Ichinosekirokujizoson stands a cherry tree that was planted in front of the idol who is the protector of children. CollectorFukushima prefecture, Aizumisato, Umanohaka Timestamp2014/4/25 Coordinates37.450222, 139.914640

Cherry blossoms at Aizu

In the sprawling fields of the Aizu region, surrounded by its beautiful mountain settlements, wild cherry blossoms bloom in the spring. This stunning view makes the landscape really worth preserving. CollectorFukushima prefecture, Aizumisato Timestamp2014/4/26 Coordinates37.494761, 139.92981

Cherry blossoms of Aizumisato

There is a vast landscape in Aizubanchi which offers a wonderful view of fields and the Bandai Mountain in the distance, plus an unspoiled scene of scattered cherry blossom trees. CollectorFukushima prefecture, Aizumisato, Umanohaka Timestamp2014/4/25 Coordinates37.460096, 139.841351

Cherry blossoms of Miharu

Miharu comes to life over spring when the plum, peach and cherry blossoms all bloom together. Along with the symbolic Takizakura Cherry tree blossom, the trees brighten the entire town. CollectorFukushima prefecture, Miharu Timestamp2014/4/17 Coordinates37.441891, 140.492628


Tohoku is an earthly paradise and is famous for the flowers of Fukushima. They have great pride in all their flowers including the plum and weeping forsythia. Although the flowers and trees are privately owned, the farmers allow everyone to access the trees for free when they are in full bloom. CollectorFukushima prefecture, Fukushima, Watari, […]

Cherry blossoms at Yonomori

This tree lined street is a famous attraction in Hamadori and use to be bustling with many visitors during the cherry blossom season, however after the disaster the area became an evacuation zone. There is a gate in the middle of this street which barricades the affected area. CollectorFukushima prefecture, Tomioka, Yonomori district Timestamp2014/4/14 Coordinates37.365794, […]

Cherry blossoms of Odaka shrine

The evacuation status of the area near the Power Plant disaster has now been lifted and now it is possible to enter to view the cherry blossoms. CollectorFukushima prefecture, South souma, Odagamachi, Odaka shrine Timestamp2014/4/13 Coordinates37.417299, 140.425181

Cherry blossoms at Yukimura

A cherry tree blooms near the Yukimura Hermitage, where the Muromachi period artist monk Yukimura was said to have spent his twilight years. The hermitage plum trees also bloom nearby. CollectorFukushima prefecture, Koriyama, Nishitamachi, Yukimura Timestamp2014/4/17 Coordinates37.449377, 140.468623


Takizuka is home to one of the three big cherry blossom trees in japan, this tree is over 1000 years old and a vast number of its descendants are prevalent in Miharu town. CollectorFukushima prefecture, Miharu, Taki Timestamp2014/4/17 Coordinates37.408285, 140.500069

Cherry blossoms of Gobyakufuchi park

At the heart of Koriyama a tree in Gobyakufuchi Park blooms by a deep pool, the area surrounding it has become a place of recreation and relaxation for citizens. CollectorFukushima prefecture, Oriyamashi, Gobyakufuchi park Timestamp2014/4/19 Coordinates37.37994, 140.362693