Collecting material

We are collecting footage of the Tohoku coastal area which was taken before the earthquake

We are searching for photographs, video footage, audio and any other documents taken before the disaster. The date of the material is irrelevant.

Content of the photos and video footage

  1. The footage must contain the area before the disaster. It may depict the landscape, as well as the life of the residents. Footage that showcases everyday life, festivals and culture will help us remember the local area better.
  2. Other footage, with content relating to the Great East Japan Earthquake, should be sent so that it can be a reminder for future generations.

The format for the data that you provide

  1. The data should be submitted in digital format that can be read by any computer without any requirements for special software.
  2. For submission of non-digital data, such as diary notes and reflections of shelter life, please contact the office.

When providing data the following needs to be included

  1. The indented data, such as photographs or video footage.
  2. Information regarding the location, date and time of the material's creation.
  3. Written consent in a Word or PDF format agreeing to the rights to publicize the contents of the data on the Tohoku Coast Scenery Portal Website.
  4. In the case of archive data, if there is personally identifiable information, further written consent in a Word or PDF format agreeing to the publication of names and/or personal portrayal is also needed.
Please contact
050-5525-2787 (extension 2885)