My outlook on scenery – Shinkyo Nakamura (in Japanese)

Peninsula PeninsulaIn my home town, Kyushu, there is an island called Shikano where the Golden Seal was excavated; however, for me it is the peninsula that surrounds the Hakata bay, where the land seems to look outward, that stands out. For me I can trace the inspiration for many of my works back to this […]

Shinonome Mejyutaku

Thursday 7th May, Shinome Nejyutaku 8mm Film screening 1. “Talk about the Past” Led by 20th Century Archive and Sendai’s Hidenori Sakamoto 2. “Bringing Back Namie” Film Screening,Directed by Daisuke Miyoshi In Shinnonome Golden week greeted us with good weather. Here at the Highrise buildings and apartments, which house the displaced people and families from […]

3.11 4 years since the earthquake, things we do

Today, on March 11th, four years have passed since the Great East Japan Earthquake that caused an enormous amount of damage to the Tohoku area. While collecting materials of scenery and memories of the people, we have met and heard stories from many people affected by the disaster. We heard about life since the earthquake, […]

“New Tohoku” public-private cooperation promotion meeting

Tokyo University of the Arts “The reconstruction of scenery and mind” projectToday, on February 8th, in connection to the New Tohoku project a public-private cooperation promotion meeting and mixer was held in Sendai. Tokyo University of the Arts managed a booth concerning “The reconstruction of scenery and mind” project. Arrival of Shinjiro Koizumi, Revival Agency […]

Making of the Tohoku Coast Scenery Portal PR video

This is Nitta, staff of Tohoku Coast Scenery Portal, currently writing. I created a PR video to be screened at the launching event of this website, as well as the advertisement. I devised a plan where the filmmaker Takashi Hokoi shot the necessary footage and I later edited it together into the final product. The […]

“New Tohoku”

出張_2014_2014/9/29 2014 – The first “New Tohoku” Public-private Cooperation Promotion Meeting and Mixer (Morioka) The “New Tohoku” Public-private Cooperation Promotion Meeting in Morioka is an introduction for business members, which we also participated in for the purpose of finding new associates, and running an exhibition booth. In order to spread information about the daily activities […]

Screening, talking about the past and sketches

On July 18th university lecturer Professor Ito, his assistants and students travelled to Ofuna City to establish the project “landscape and the mind, a project for creating scenery”. Members from the Ofunato Chamber of Commerce, local industry and residents attended a meeting where they could submit video footage to be used in the project. Some […]

Reviving Ofunato

A breakfast meeting and event was held at Ofunato Rias Hall, where local residents attended a panel discussion about the theme “Landscaping the scenery of their hometown” and to view exciting footage of the area, for the children there was a painting workshop. Another event was later held at a local center for the elderly […]

2014_3/19〜3/21 Ichinoseki, Kesennuma, Ofunato

Additional film, and old footage was collected from field partners. Other footage, focusing on the area including and around Ofunato, was shot in order to gain a better understanding of the area’s current state. ActivityField survey, shooting information and collecting footage from donors Year2014 Opening dateMarch 19 Closing dateMarch 21 LocationIchinoseki, Kesennuma, Ofunato Coordinates39.081901, 141.70853 […]

2013_2014/1/12〜1/14 Kesennuma, Rikuzentakata, Ofunato

We visited and shot the landscape of Kesennuma and Rikuzentakata, as well as went to the Ofunato marathon which has been in operation for over 50 years. There was also a meeting with local media and organisations to exchange opinions, plus another meeting with local businesses to explain current and future plans for the area […]