Grown in the warm and cold currents The most northern part of Japan’s Nori is famous for its color, gloss and aroma which is among the finest quality goods Sanriku is one of the world’s three biggest fishing grounds and further sets itself apart by being the meeting point of the Oyashio and Kuroshio currents. […]

Sea Raven

Unique appearance and outstanding taste The popular Hidden Bottom Fish Mainly caught near the town of Shichigama where it is locally referred to as “Hokke”. The body has a rugged appearance but, apart from the bones, every part of the fish is edible. The texture and taste is similar to that of Fugu (Puffer Fish) […]

Common Octopus / Giant Pacific Octopus

Bred in the rough seas of Sanriku First-rate brand of Sanriku The fishing grounds of Minamisanriku in Miyagi prefecture is well known nationally. The Common Octupus caught here during winter is normally 60cm in length, and the small specimen weighs between 3 to 5kg. The firmness of the meat, sold under the brand name “Shizugawa […]

Whitespotted Conger (Eel)

Excellent for cooking and broiling A strikingly deep taste The Whitespotted Conger, locally called “noresore”, appears in the waters of the Pacific Ocean, just outside the coast, during the spring. Kobuchihama, in Ishinomaki in Miyagi prefecture, boasts the leading catching rate of this type of Eel. Using a device called “Eel body” (a cylinder with […]

Yesso Scallop

Good growth and stable prodcution A fresh Shellfish popular as Sashimi The stable cultivation of Scallops in the prefecture is aided by the improvement of aquacultural technology, which makes it possible to enjoy this seasonal taste annually. Scallops normally takes 3 to 4 years to mature enough to be harvested, but this method uses the […]

Blood Clam (Ark Shell)

The best in Japan for both colour and aroma A highly praised specialty of Miyagi Currently, the seasonal domestic Blood Clam is sold with a 10% discount, and Miyagi takes pride in being one of the areas with the biggest haul of high quality Clams. The delicacy is collected in an offshore area. The Clam […]

Asian Clam

Where Freshwater and Seawater meet Wild grown Clams in the wide estuary of Kitakami river The season for this glossy, amber colored shell is between Spring and Summer. There are ongoing actions to purify the water in the estuary of Kitakami river. Among the thick reeds you can find the Asian Clam bred to have […]

Sea Pineapple (Sea Squirt)

Representative of the early Summer Sea An abundant of a tasty delicacy that Miyagi takes pride in Referred to as the Sea Pineapple, it is the taste of early Summer. It has a distinctive appearance and once removed from its shelling the soft meat is put in a special vinegar. The Sea Pineapple caught in […]

Ubagai (Pseudocardium Sachalinense or Hokkigai Clam)

A large Clam overflowing with taste A specialty representing the Winter of Miyagi The season for the Ubagai Clam is from Winter to Spring. Since long ago, the town of Yamamoto has been involved with Recourse Management, which monitor the haul and size (shell length exceeding 95mm) of the Clams. The ingredients for deliciousness is […]


Grown in naturally rich waters with thick elacticity The flavor is improved by its cultivation in the rough sea Wakame, a newcomer among the marine plants of the area, has been distributed along the entire coastal area of Miyagi prefecture. There are special characteristics about each Wakame production locations, and the rear of Sanriku’s coast […]