My outlook on scenery – Kazuhira Onishi (in Japanese)

Feeling alive, feeling numb Feeling alive, feeling numbThough it is important to cherish the landscape as it was, the inherent landscape changes as time passes. Nature draws new landscapes on a large canvas and, in that, there is an artistic value. Kazuhira OnishiDistinguished Professor, Tokyo City University Research Institute Born April 4th 1943 in Matsue […]

My outlook on scenery – Noritaka Tatehana (in Japanese)

First scenery of Contrast First scenery of ContrastWhen hearing the words “First scenery” the first thing that springs to mind is the town where I was born and raised, Kamakura, a beachside town scattered with Temples and Shrines. Another strong memory is the house in Tokyo where my parents came from and where I would […]

My outlook on scenery – Shinkyo Nakamura (in Japanese)

Peninsula PeninsulaIn my home town, Kyushu, there is an island called Shikano where the Golden Seal was excavated; however, for me it is the peninsula that surrounds the Hakata bay, where the land seems to look outward, that stands out. For me I can trace the inspiration for many of my works back to this […]

My outlook on scenery – Senju Akira (in Japanese)

Landscape and Time Landscape and TimeMusicians craft time. As a musician, among the various things that come to mind, there are specific images that aid in creation. From long ago come landscapes that have been burned into my memory: old streets, towns that I played in, islands I camped on. Landscapes change with time, but […]

My outlook on scenery – Toshiyuki Inoko (in Japanese)

The unseen landscape The unseen landscapeWe are wandering through a world where we don’t know why we are here, where we are and as we continue wandering into eternity we don’t even know in what direction we should be going. We don’t know of the lands we might one day be and there is many […]

My outlook on scenery – Naoki Sakai (in Japanese)

Design makes the scenery Design makes the sceneryWhen I use the word “Scenery” it takes me back to my time in Tokyo back in 1983- 1985 when at that time i was involved in the development of the car company Nissan, Be-1 model. during this time most models where square and I had an urge […]

My outlook on scenery – Atsuhi Ogaki (in Japanese)

Thoughts to the horizon Thoughts to the horizonMy strongest memory is from when I was first assigned to NHK in Kushiro (Hokkaido prefecture) with the surrounding scenery of Betsukai. Wherever you looked there were long stretches of road and vast fields of grass and you could see the horizon, for me this was an influential […]

Shinonome Mejyutaku

Thursday 7th May, Shinome Nejyutaku 8mm Film screening 1. “Talk about the Past” Led by 20th Century Archive and Sendai’s Hidenori Sakamoto 2. “Bringing Back Namie” Film Screening,Directed by Daisuke Miyoshi In Shinnonome Golden week greeted us with good weather. Here at the Highrise buildings and apartments, which house the displaced people and families from […]

My outlook on scenery – Architect Kengo Kuma (in Japanese)

Kengo KumaArchitect. Teacher at Tokyo University. Guest Professor at Tokyo Geijutsu Daigaku. Nakagawa-machi Bato Hiroshige Museum of Art, Suntory Museum of Art, Nezu Museum, GINZA KABUKIZA (co-designer of the Mitsubishi Estate), others. Architecture and humans alike are part of the scenery. In the absence of scenery, a stage for life, people cannot continue their existence. […]


Grown in the warm and cold currents The most northern part of Japan’s Nori is famous for its color, gloss and aroma which is among the finest quality goods Sanriku is one of the world’s three biggest fishing grounds and further sets itself apart by being the meeting point of the Oyashio and Kuroshio currents. […]