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Concert “Light – Life”

A performance held on February 4th 2015, during the event “The reconstruction of scenery and mind” (Sendai Mediatheque), was inspired by the theme of “Tohoku life and culture” which is a collection of video footage of Tohoku. Several compositions inspired by this theme was performed whilst footage of the area was screened. The video below […]

Water color animation of Ofunato “Home”

Volunteer students and graduates of Tokyo Geijustsu Daigaku have visited the Tohoku region on numerious occasions and felt its atmosphere with all of their five senses. They have listened to the lives of the locals and seen old photographs and videos, to which they created their ideas for the future scenery. TitleWater color animation of […]

Concert “To the sea and in the dream”

A composition was commissioned for the opening ceremony of the event “Reconstruction of scenery and mind”. The concert took place on February 2nd 2015, and opened with a piece about the ocean as imagined by Isao Matsushita, the vice-president of Tokyo Geijutsu Daigaku, with footage from the beautiful coastal areas of Tohoku playing in the […]

Live collaboration “Scenery, Now”

In the collaboration of video, piano, marimba and dancing, the beautiful scenery and heart of Tohoku is expressed. Even though I’m part of the staff and had the privilege to see the rehearsal, I do believe that, through art, this performance deeply expresses heart-felt emotions. Mika Sawai(Marimba) Tokyo Geijutsu Daigaku Graduate School of Music Concrete […]

“The reconstruction of scenery and mind” Program 2015.2.4

10:00 – 11:30 1F Open square Project presentation and discussion “Community development utilizing memories” The first part “Restoring the past – collecting culture, mind, and memory” ・General Incorporated Association MMIX LAB / handing down memories through art「KIBOU PROJECT」 ・Sato project “Utilizing the Sato-house in Ogawa” ・NPO 20th Century Archive Sendai “3.11 rememberance” ・Tokyou Geijutsu Daigaku […]

“The reconstruction of scenery and mind” Program 2015.2.3

10:30-11:30 1F Open square Meeting to talk about the old days “Sendai in the time of electric trams” Whilst watching footage of life and scenery from old times, onlookers are presented with and get to reminisce about utensils and tools that used to be a part of their everyday life. We are hoping to align […]

“The reconstruction of scenery and mind” Program 2015.2.2

Opening ceremony16:00- 1F Open Square Opening remarks “Landscape, mind, and the project for creating scenery” Presenter: Junji Ito (Tokyo Geijutsu Daigaku Public Collaboration Center appointed Professor) This project aims to retain the fragmented memories of the homes and scenery that was lost in the Tohoku region, through the use of video and art. The foundation […]

Making of the Tohoku Coast Scenery Portal PR video

This is Nitta, staff of Tohoku Coast Scenery Portal, currently writing. I created a PR video to be screened at the launching event of this website, as well as the advertisement. I devised a plan where the filmmaker Takashi Hokoi shot the necessary footage and I later edited it together into the final product. The […]

Reviving Ofunato

A presentation of the work “Reviving Ofunato” made from 8 mm footage from between the 50’s and 70’s donated by locals in Ofunato.