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The Foundation

What is the “Landscape and mind, and the project for re-creating scenery"?

“Landscape and the mind, a project for re-creating scenery” is a project that aims to retain the fragmented memories of the homes and scenery of the Tohoku region that were lost in the disaster, which will be reproduced through video and art. The foundation of our culture is the landscape which remains forever in our hearts, yet we intend to preserve the long nurturing history of the area, as well as the harmony between man and nature.
So in order for us to revive that memory and to move forward to re-build what was lost, we would like to offer tips and contributions.
Tokyo Geijutsu Daigaku Public Collaboration Center – Professor Junji Ito


About Collecting Scenery

As a result of the Great East Japan Earthquake, more attention should be paid to the physical destruction, as well as the loss of scenery and memories. This will be an archive for those memories, through art (such as sketches and drawings), music (compositions, performances) and media (video footage and photographs).

About Creating Scenery

-Reproducing the scenery through archived records-

The collected materials of scenery is not about reproducing static images, but about showing the changes over time and the expansion of the everyday landscape through three-dimensional reproductions. The works are created with the aim to link the memories of each generation. Therefore, it is not only about visually reproducing the scenery that has been lost in the tsunami, but also about handing down the experience of one's hometown to the next generation. Audio recordings and video footage are integral parts of recreating the everyday life, directly empathizing with individual's memories.

About Producing Scenery

-The creation of future scenery of disaster stricken areas according to the creations of multidisciplinary talents-

We are filming the areas in Tohoku destroyed by the tsunami, along with the beautiful scenery of life that still exists. In order to create the foundation of a living environment and a future closely tied to the local community, we are collecting data about the areas' surroundings, life, customs and traditional entertainment.

As well as recording the current state of communities affected by the 3.11 earthquake, and information from data analysis, we believe we can contribute to future reconstruction by presenting proposed ideal representations of future scenery to experts in the fields of urban planning, cultural management and video expression.

How to use this site

The coastal areas of Tohoku were greatly damaged by the tsunami. The scenery, smells and sounds of a hometown are irreplaceable parts in our hearts and a precious cultural inheritance for all Japanese. The purpose of this site is to be a platform in reconstructing and bringing those memories to life. We are mainly supporting the reconstruction of the landscape in the coastal areas of Tohoku and the Pacific Ocean ("Revival Area" as established by the Revival Agency), through the art of collecting current and old video footage and images.


We are searching for photographs, video footage, audio and other documents taken before the disaster. The age of the material is not a concern. Furthermore, the provided photographs, video footage, audio and other documents may be subjected to secondary use. Please read the Terms and Conditions for details.


The material is collected for inspiration. Work is contributed by various artists, in different forms, and are here for your enjoyment.


Information is posted about events involving the consortium behind this site. Reports about completed events is also posted.

Corporate interest

We are interested to hear ideas from any company that is interested in this website! Please contact