3.11 4 years since the earthquake, things we do

Today, on March 11th, four years have passed since the Great East Japan Earthquake that caused an enormous amount of damage to the Tohoku area.

While collecting materials of scenery and memories of the people, we have met and heard stories from many people affected by the disaster. We heard about life since the earthquake, memories of their hometowns and themselves as well as thoughts about the reconstruction of homes.
Viewing footage of festivals taking place in their local towns, there is a will to restore the festivities and hand down the traditions to future generations. While there are many issues in their current everyday lives, they look ahead, striving towards revitalizing. While they are moving towards making a new life, the past is not only there to be remembered but treasured also.

We can raise new buildings, knowing that it won't immediately resolve all living problems. In the same way, we want to bind memories closer to the heart to make them even more valuable.
It is with the memories living on within your mind, the collection of scenery and stories that we can create anew.
By receiving and utilizing the material concerning Tohoku, we can continue on with the work of reconstruct the appearance of the area.

“Reviving Ofunato” (Abridged)

A creative work made by Digitizing restored Video Footage damaged in the disaster. The Film and Music was produced in order to echo the memories in the local's hearts. The work is based on stories of people who provided the material about the times reflected in the Footage, such as important places and customs of locals.



Opening of a film showcasing a compilation of Digitized nostalgic Footage at the meeting place of Tohoku temporary housing.
Using the format of "Meeting to talk about the past" by NPO 20th Century Archive Sendai, the film was showed while viewers spoke about its contents.
An opportunity for generations to come together and exchange stories, where the young heard from the elderly about their recollections of their former hometown.
While the film provided a good stepping stone for recollection and exchanging of stories, it also proved to be a good way to organize the collection of footage.

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